Dr. Ir. Johan Wichers
    WMooring, Inc.

Dr.  Wichers devoted most of his life to working in research in the
offshore industry. During his 40+ years of experience he was
involved in the development of many different aspects in the
offshore industry. Over the last 10-years he was working on writing
a book to share all the experience he had gained during his career.
He wanted to create a book that would show all the different aspect
of the industry and be a guide for new engineers to create the
same enthusiasm and excitement Dr. Wichers had for his work. Dr.
Wichers passed away before he could finalize his book. However,
most of the work was complete. This book was compiled from the
available work. The book can be downloaded from the link below.

If you have any comment you can sent it to info@wmooring.com
A printed version is now for sale HERE
Guide to Single Point Moorings